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5 Tips for a Successful Competition


#1 – Set Goals

It may sound obvious, but make sure you go into any competition with a clear goal in your head. Your goal could be as simple as getting to use a position you’ve been working in training, winning a match, picking up a submission or coming home with a gold medal. Importantly, make sure your goals are achievable, as if you set your goals too high, too early, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. If your goal is to win a match, and you achieve this, then your next goal could be to win two matches or make the podium.

#2 – Be Prepared 

If you’ve opted to enter a competition, then you owe it to yourself to turn up on the day as prepared as possible. If you rock up at the arena worried because you’ve not trained as much as you know you could, or you haven’t eaten the right food and think your weight could be an issue, it will undoubtably alter your performance. Turning up with solid preparation under your belt means that whatever the outcome of your competitive experience, you can leave with your head held high, confident in the knowledge you’ve given it your best shot.

#3 – Have A Game Plan

There’s nothing worse than stepping on the mat at competition without any idea of HOW you are going to fight. In most instances you will have no idea of your opponent’s skill set, so the best approach is to play to your own strengths and trust your game. Have a visual image in your head of what you intend to do, so if you’re a guard player, envision how you are going to pull guard and what guard you want to fight from. Make sure you have contingency plans lined up as well, just in case your a-game doesn’t work as you’d like it to.

#4 – Establish A Routine

Establishing a routine is a great way to manage stress and nerves that can alter performance at competitions. Though the environment you enter at an event can change, the way you prepare will be consistent and will work as a great way to make you feel comfortable before a fight. Establish a warmup that works well for you, create a track list on your iPod, bring along your preferred snacks etc. Anything that you like to do, that helps keep you calm and benefit performance should become part of your regular routine at competitions.

#5 – Remember Why You Signed Up

So, why did you CHOSE to enter the competition? 99% of the time this will be because you wanted to become a better jiu jitsu fighter and to have some fun. By simply preparing as best you can and stepping on the mat at competition, you have undoubtably taken positive steps in becoming a better fighter. Win, lose or draw, competition should be a positive experience overall. Keep an open mind and enjoy it!

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